Ugur Sahinler

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Ugur "Datvi" Sahinler
Depiction of Ugur Sahinler as Putler, 2021
Username Datvi
Citizenship Status Citizen
Join Date April 21, 2019
Joined from Sansho's Server
Positions Held Shah
Regent Marshal
Chairman of the PLA
Loyalties Archnox (2019-)
Known Alts Mepe Datvi
Kurdish Mengels (planned)
Years Active Online 2017-
Known for Being a statesman in Archnox
Turkish nationalism
Espionage during the Dolokhian conflict
Being an Ottoman aristocrat

UgurSahinler03 (Later Datvi and generally known as Ugur Sahniler) was a Citizen of Archnox. He served two terms as a Senator under the Republic, served as Pasha under the Pashalik, and was the Regent Marshal of Archnox during the Great Break. He styled himself as Shah Datvi during his time as the Regent Marshal. He was the Head of Government of Archnox