Uguric Dark Age

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Chart depicting messages sent in Archnox in from December 2020 to April 2021. The dark age lasted from 4 April to 23 April.

The Uguric Dark Age is a period in Archnox history that occurred during the first part of Ugur Sahinler's time as Head of Government of Archnox.

The Dark Age had numerous causes, including school time inactivity and finals, but it is most often blamed on Ugur and is considered a failure of his government's Great Activity Upward policy program. The lack of activity left a prominent stain on Ugur's reputation, with the week of 11 April being the worst week in Archnox history in terms of activity since the Fall 2020 Dark Age.

This stain on his reputation eventually led to Ugur's resignation in favor of Basileus on 24 April 2020. During his resignation speech, Ugur denounced the Great Activity Upward as a failure and denounced his reign as "chaotic". His resignation brought an end to the Dark Age, an end to the Shahdom, and ushered in the Farerrich. On the first day of Basileus' reign, nearly 2,000 messages were sent in Archnox.