Vacatio Libertas

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Vacatio Libertas
Vacatio in voice chat right before a whistle performance of March of the Volunteers
Username Vacatio
Citizenship Status Citizen
Join Date January 20, 2019
Joined from Xenox
Positions Held Moderator
De Facto Owner
Loyalties Spider's RP
Archnox (2019-)
Known Alts Vicslava (Accused)
Goose Army (Accused)
Years Active Online 2017-
Known for Espionage in Elparia
Couping Spiderninja
Founding the Communist Potatoes
Founding Second Trenox
Founding Archnox
Honors Sand Expert

Vacatio Libertas, otherwise simply known as Vacatio or Vac, is a longtime member of Archnox and de facto Owner of the server. Vacatio first became active online in 2017 when he founded Thronic, a nation on NationStates.

After floating around the Gameplayer regions for a period of just over 4 months, his account was deleted on charges of making threats to another player. After this deletion, Vacatio became a self-identified Libertarian and ditched the Gameplayer regions in favor of working on his own personal region, the Intergalactic Spampire of Lord Jumbo Dog. As Founder and President of the Spampire, Vacatio joined the Supreme Commonwealth of United Territories or SCUT.

As an active member of SCUT, Vacatio became, for the first time, truly engaged in the community of NationStates. As a member of SCUT, Vacatio took part in his first espionage against a NationStates region known as the Eurasian Socialist Alliance. The operation was a debatable success with the region being revealed to be a fraud and the owner of the region agreeing to create a new region under guidance from SCUT. As a member of SCUT, Vacatio would also meet many recurring characters in his story such as Thij, Hemuraile, and Renegalle.

SCUT and The Iron Order(TIO), a fascist NationStates region led by Hispanyo, had a diplomatic controversy that would result in a minor War. During this War, Vacatio would primarily deal in propaganda, publishing his short lived anti-Fascist dispatch Poking the Bear in response to similar dispatches made by Algermaine and Hispanyo. However, it was also during this War that Vacatio and SCUT would fall out due to a strategic dispute with Morriband, the leader of SCUT.

After falling out with SCUT, Vacatio became much more decentralized in his NationStates efforts, being, at one point or another, an active contributor to Force, Dawn, Canterbury, and the New West Atlantic. In this time period, Vacatio also became far more active in the RP landscape, first running a casual, single-channel RP before moving on to participating in RPs himself, primarily among Calradia's sphere.

However, Vacatio, alongside numerous other players in Calradia's roleplaying sphere would eventually denounce Calradia's 1900 roleplay as corrupt and nepotistic. Vacatio became a leader among this faction and founded a short-lived successor to Calradia's server a short-lived 20th century RP that would be characterized by freedom of action and consequences for stupidity, a philosophy that would stay with him as he developed as a roleplayer.

During this time period, Vacatio, when on Discord, consistently used Longhornia, an affiliation that would lead him to become involved in adjacent communities such as Adefion, KAISERREICH, and, later, Xenox.