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Verniy disguising himself as a woman to catfish a Lithuanan
Username Vern
Citizenship Status Trusted Foreigner
Join Date July 24, 2020
Joined from S_kuzi's Invite
Positions Held Member of the Tangerine Resistance Army
Loyalties Damian's RP (2018 - 2019)
S_kuzi and Basileus (2018-)
Archnox (2020-)
Known Alts None
Years Active Online 2017-
Known for editing Lukashenko's face onto a big titty anime girl
editing Shah Datvi's face onto the butt of a life sized statue of an anime girl

Verniy oftened shortened as Vern is a massive filipino weeb whose first contact with Archnox was when he befriended S_kuzi and Basileus when he was still apart of Damian's RP, later he would join the growing Anti-Goose sentiment and create the Tangerine Resistance Army with Skuzi and Basi. He then joined Andy's RP as a moderator but soon nuked the server out of spite, after concluding that RPing was cringe and boring, he left both communities and joined Archnox not long after.

Rise to Adminship in Damian's RP[edit | edit source]

Verniy became an Admin in Damian's RP during March of 2018 when the server faced a crisis when Andy the Shizno and Justinian left the server in protest against Damian's admittedly biased results, during the crisis he helped in reviving the server, reforming the roleplaying system, and reconciling both Andy and Damian, which resulted in him being rewarded by being able to keep his Admin role as a recognition of his efforts.

It was also around this time that Verniy befriended Skuzi and Basileus by purposely giving them roles that allowed them to evade mutes.

Legacy of the Naval Chad[edit | edit source]

Verniy was feared on the sea in both Damian's RP and Andy's RP as the "Naval Chad", because of his extensive knowledge on naval history and naval warfare, which allowed him to exert far greater influence than he should have, since he practically monopolised most of the decisions regarding naval battles and easily influenced the opinions of Damian's community on everything regarding ships.

Rise to Moderatorship in Andy's RP[edit | edit source]

Verniy immediately became a moderator the moment he joined Andy's RP, it is unclear as to why he was promoted almost immediately, but one theory suggests that it might be because andy recognised him as an old staff member with experience from Damian's RP that could help him manage the server well, whatever the reason for his promotion was, Verniy once again was in a position of high influence in the server.

Nuke[edit | edit source]

Frustrated with the mounting toxicity of the server, the blatant pro-Goose agenda being pushed by Andy and Damian, and the downwards spiral the server was heading towards, Verniy saw no other solution to the problem other than to completely nuke the server clean with no survivors.

the perfect window of opportunity opened itself when all other staff members were offline allowing him to nuke the server relatively unhindered by anything that might stop him from doing so, the casualties were enormous, every single channel, and every single user except for the staff were all obliterated to dust.

Seeking an answer for his actions, Andy's RP community hunted own Verniy and interrogated him for answers, for which he feigned sociopathy, mental instability, and sadistic pleasure as the reasons for his nuke which turned him into something of a villain in the eyes of Andy's RP Community despite the fact that it only took them a month to forgive him.

Current Activities[edit | edit source]

After retiring from RPing and settling in Archnox, he has been seen editing the faces of random people onto lewd images of anime girls, as well as attempting to learn Japanese with Skuzi as part of Archnox's Language Initiative.