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Depiction of Vicslava with his signature hot pink sunglasses
Username ויקסלאבה
Citizenship Status Citizen
Join Date ????
Joined from Divine Intervention
Positions Held Cursed
Patreon Deity of Archnox
Loyalties Archnox (2019-)
Known Alts JarlJosef
Years Active Online ????
Known for Being the Patreon Deity of Archnox
Honors Being Vicslava

Vicslava (Hebrew: ויקסלאבה) is a polyglot Archnox user of unknown (perhaps divine) origin. He is known to own Dolokhia via his alternate account Jarl Josef and played a decisive role on both sides of the Dolokhian Conflict as a puppet master of grand scale.

In order to prove his might and power relative to the users of Archnox, he routinely challenges them to online competitions, ranging from rounds of the ancient Chinese board game Weiqi to the modern internet .io game Shellshockers. Vicslava can often be found actively attempting to avoid Archnox, blessing movie script writers with his good grace, and futilely attempting to convince higher Gods to finish off the Palestinians with a nuclear holocaust of grand scale. Vicslava is ritually honored via cookie bake-offs, fresh fades, and shooting artillery into the Canadian Rockies so as to provoke Avalanches.

He is the owner of Archnox.